Stand Up Paddle Tours - $65 per person

Stand Up Paddle Tours are similar to kayak tours in that we follow similar procedures, and have access to the same scenic waterways. But that is where the similarities end. After a short briefing and land lesson, we will push off the shoreline into deeper water, first laying prone, then up on our knees, and finally to a standing position. It is difficult to describe the feeling of gliding across the water while standing, quiet and almost effortless at first as we slowly apply power to our paddles. From a standing position the perspective is similar to walking on land, and the perfect viewpoint to see wildlife passing nearby. Stand up paddle provides a new and exciting experience on the water, whether you are exploring a tidal marsh or just cruising quietly next to a pod of dolphins.

Historic St. Augustine located in coastal northeast Florida has some of the most scenic intracoastal waterways and most beautiful beaches in the United States. The water is warm 9 months out of the year, and these conditions provide habitat for an impressive variety of different marine creatures. Depending on the wind, swell and tide let our experienced guides create a customized tour specifically for your experience level. Our stand up paddle tours range from cruising past Spanish forts and sailboats down winding tidal creeks, to more adventurous expeditions through tidal inlets to outside shoals with breaking waves. You tell us what you are comfortable with, and let us take it from there.

In the summertime, almost daily offshore winds each morning create the perfect conditions for cruising down the beach. Even if the afternoon thunderstorms bring a welcome cooling rain, the evenings typically clear out creating epic sunsets with calm conditions for a relaxing paddle. Whether you are looking to get out and away from it all, or you want to get your heart rate up and burn off some calories, we can help.


Matanzas Inlet

Matanzas Inlet is a channel in Florida between barrier islands connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the south end of the Matanzas River. It is one of the few inlets in Florida that does not have jetties stabilizing the entrance, and thus remains more natural with constantly shifting sands. Matanzas is a popular spot with boaters and kiteboarders, as well as longboard surfers on the south side. There are several options for a tour at Matanzas depending on conditions. One easy option is a short distance paddle from the northwest side of the bridge across to Fort Matanzas and back. More adventurous paddlers may opt to paddle from the inside of the inlet out into the ocean and back through a new channel formed by a breach in the island south of the inlet.

Downtown St. Augustine

Downtown St. Augustine is home to the infamous Spanish fort Castillo de San Marcos, which is the oldest masonry form in the United States, built of native coquina stone made up of broken shells. There are several options for a paddle around downtown, beginning from the city marina and paddling north along the sea wall past the fort and through a series of tidal channels. This is one of the most scenic areas of St. Augustine, where you may even see a sword fight aboard a pirate ship as you are paddling by.

Salt Run

Salt Run is the waterway that made up the original inlet for the city of St. Augustine. The south end of Salt Run is home to Anastasia State Park, where most SUP tours begin, and then we paddle north past the lighthouse. There is a nice beach on the northeast side of the waterway that is perfect to relax and have a drink or a snack before we head back.

St. Augustine Inlet

The St. Augustine Inlet was created in 1940, and improved as recently as 1957 with the creation of rock jetties on the north and south sides of the inlet to stabilize sand movement. Depending on the tide, there are several options for stand up paddle tours from Porpoise Point on Vilano Beach, either across into Salt Run, the ocean side of Anastasia State Park, or towards downtown and Bird Island. As the name suggests, you are most likely to see dolphins in this area.