SUP Lessons

PRIVATE SUP LESSONS - $90 1-on-1, or $75 per person 2-to-1 for a 2 hour session including equipment.

Private SUP lessons are available no matter what your level of expertise. We provide your very own instructor/guide with no more than 2 students. Bring your own board or we will provide one for you. Private sessions are great for learning specialized skills, downwinders, or if you want a guide to show you a new paddle location. We have several different locations available depending on the daily wave and wind conditions. Check out our wind and wave forecast and we can help you catch the best conditions. Private lessons can be customized depending on your experience level and what you would like to learn. We also offer Semi-private sessions for couples or pairs. If you have some intermediate skills already, and want to get a little more serious, or whether you want to try some bigger waves, the private session is for you. Private sessions offer your very own instructor just for your self or your group. Private sessions can adjusted to fit your schedule, and your needs.

GROUP SUP LESSONS - $65 per person including equipment

Group SUP Lessons start at 8:00 a.m. on the beach at Ocean Trace Rd. 4 days a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Every group SUP lesson begins with a brief land lesson to discuss SUP equipment, technique, water safety and etiquette. We also practice on land some of the skills you will need later in the water. Then we will get wet and learn to paddle standing up, starting with knee paddling. In the near shore area we practice board handling steering and power strokes until you get comfortable with the basics, balance and steering. After the basics have been covered we move out a little further to explore our ride area and interact with the ocean. Each Standup Group class is small and personal and has people of a similar skill level. Each individual student receives plenty of attention from the instructors. You will have plenty of time to relax and practice each skill, and you might even see some wildlife such as dolphins or rays. There is plenty to learn, and we can cover beginning basics or more advanced skills for those students with some previous experience.

SUP SURFING LESSONS - $100 per person 1-on-1, or $85 per person for up to 3 paddlers per instructor including equipment.

Even if you are an experienced surfer, you will be surprised at how different stand up paddle surfing is in the waves. SUP surf lessons start with learning how to get out through the break with a combination of prone and knee paddling. With more experience it is possible to paddle over whitewater from a standing position as well.

Once outside the break we will focus on a variety of turns to get you in position for a wave. Then it is time to try riding some waves. Getting enough board speed to catch a fast moving ocean wave requires some conditioning, and may take a couple of tries. Do not be discouraged if you do not get it the first time. St. Augustine has some of the best possible conditions for learning to SUP in the waves, with generally knee to waist high surf and glassy conditions from offshore winds each morning all summer. Intermediate and advanced SUP instruction is also available for learning basic turns on the wave using the paddle, pivot turns, and paddling out while standing.